Latest prices

week ending 12/07/19
2383 lambs & 42 cattle
Standards: £4.00 to £4.15
Top averages £86+
Best Beltex to £4.45 & £97
Organics:£4.60 to £4.90
Top average £100 +
£2.10 all weights, best £142
Cattle: £3.15 to £3.25
Cows : £2.70


Predicted slide in trade with more coming forward and various excuses for touch less demand.
Most base prices around £4 which hopefully will be sustainable for next month in the the run up to
festival of Eid al-Adha on the 11th August
This festival sees increased demand for tup lambs more than it does for old ewes.
As with lambs any ewes are sold as numbers will only increase in coming
Cattle a touch shorter maybe but certainly no better